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Hello, I'm Kayla

I was born and raised on a farm in a small close-knit town. My dad has set aside some acreage for my business, and there my husband and I have started our own mini farm (ducklings, chicks & bunnies). I believe in love and honesty. I'm a fur-mama to three beautiful fluffy kitties named Rosemary (10 weeks old) Lennon (2 years old) and Charles (6 years old). I am currently in the process of unpacking into our newly purchased, cozy story and a half house with my darling husband, Alex. We can't wait to make it ours and call it home. I'm a lover of bold, warm colours. I love warm sunny days on the porch drinking an ice cold Sleeman. In the fall I love cuddling up next to a fire sipping on apple cider. My favourite season is the changing of seasons. I support local as much as I possibly can. I am absolutely in love with flowers. Candles make for peaceful evenings working away editing sessions. Documentaries are a MUST WATCH before bed every night. I am a collector of rocks and love Sunday drives. I believe in date nights once a week. I'm a nature nut and spend majority of my days soaking in what the world has to offer. A drive to a new place and stopping to eat at a chip truck once a week is a must. My hands love to always have my camera in them. Sundresses are my everyday summer outfits, jeans and hoodies during the cooler temperatures. Ice cream and popsicles make me happy, but lemonade is my favourite.

I am so glad you stopped by, and I truly hope that our paths cross soon.

- kayla kristina

owner & lead photographer